The latest and greatest

A rundown of the latest Fluorine feature releases, product enhancements, design updates, and important bug fixes.

January 2022

Settings improvements

We think sweating the small details is just as important as shipping big features. To celebrate that we’ve given our settings pages an overhaul. We’ve moved them from pop-ups to their own dedicated pages and given everything a new lick of paint.

Redesigned Sidebar

The new sidebar allows you to navigate throughout the app with keyboard short cuts. You can also now minimize/maximize the side bar as well as pin conversations and teams!

March 1, 2023

Toolbar Timer & Tasks

You can now view upcoming tasks, and their details on the toolbar for Mac OS users as well as set timers.


Voice Channels

We've added the ability to create voice channels. Voice channels are always-active-channels that people can come in and out of. You can speak on these channels by pressing your space bar. You will not be removed from the channels, by leaving the app or going into different sections.

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